University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona (UB) is one of the main public institutions of higher education in Catalonia. It delivers a broad selection of courses, covering the many disciplines that make up the principal branches of knowledge: humanities, health sciences, social sciences, experimental sciences and engineering. More than 64.000 students enroll each year at one of UB’s six campuses. In the academic year 2013-2014, students were distributed across 66 bachelor’s degrees, 139 university master’s degrees, 73 doctoral programmes, over 600 postgraduate courses and some 400 on-site and distance lifelong learning courses. UB is also the principal centre of university research in Spain and has become a European benchmark for research activity.

The Faculty of Education prepares teachers and specialists in education and training. It develops research and teaching in specific areas of knowledge, such as educational organization, theory and history of education, social work and social services.

Within the Faculty, Future Learning is a research initiative which develops educational and research projects related to innovative learning environments mediated by technologies. To answer the challenges which feature our fast-changing society, we explore the potential of technology to enhance teaching, learning, and creative education. To do so, we inquire the trends and technology developments which drive educational innovation. We closely collaborate with various educational and research networks (including education ministries, schools and universities), at national and international levels, in Europe and worldwide. Our research is based on competitive calls. We collaborated in 30 EU-funded projects, guiding educators and trainers from different levels (from primary education to professional development) and sectors (e.g. STEAM, social sciences, professional training), either in a coordinating or participating role. Future Learning participates in the Virtual Teaching and Learning Research Quality Group (GREAV) and the Institute of Educational Research.