UNINA - The University of Naples Federico II

UNINA  - The University of Naples Federico II is the main university of Naples and one of the most important in Italy and the oldest state secular university in Europe.

It currently has 3 Schools (Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology for Life) 26 Graduate Schools, 26 Departments and 2597 Teachers. The Department of Humanities is the result of the merger of the Ex-Department of Theories and Methods of Humanities and Social Sciences with the traditional Department of Humanistic Studies. According to its foundation, the Department' project is interdisciplinary and based on the integration of related and complementary disciplines in the field of Humanities.

In the Department of Humanistic Studies, the NAC Laboratory (Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab) has long and extensive experience in the development of technologies for learning and brings its expertise, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, to research in different areas of the psychological and cognitive sciences. The lab has a multidisciplinary nature and puts the focus on 1. artificial systems; 2. the application of the results of this line of research in educational (learning contexts of different types and levels) and evolutionary sectors (development of technologies to enhance and support cognitive processes). The Department (and NAC) nave participated in several European-funded projects, both with coordinative roles and in partnership with leading European industrial and academic entities.

Moreover, the NAC (Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab) has a long experience in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning, regarding the development of artificial adaptive tutors; the enhancement of physical objects with technologies (Smart Objects); the creation of serious games for learning soft skills. The NAC has developed a large number of hardware/software platforms and training methodologies to support the teaching and learning processes in different contexts (i.e. school, training and business).