Smarted s.r.l.

Smarted s.r.l. is an innovative start-up (under Italian Law 221/2012) which was created as a the application center and business development of scientific research activities of its members in the field of Cognitive Science. It was born with the goal of developing innovative applications in order to support activities / needs of the socio-cognitive of people (such as play, learn, teach, support and maintain neuro-cognitive functions).

We work on the edge between Games for Education and Rehabilitation (Serious Game, augmentative and alternative communication tools AAC, Multisensorial and Montessori-like applications using Tangible User Interfaces) and the application of the Artificial Intelligence.

Smarted s.r.l. participates in Erasmus Plus projects in particular at the moment we are involved in two main projects namely DoCENT and ACCORD - In this project Smarted s.r.l. works on the technological side, designing and developing innovative educational tools such us MOOC, Serious Games and Digital-Physical Educational Games.