CreaTIC Academy

CreaTIC Academy is a SME  with the corporate mission to empower children in actively building their own future by giving them the tools and the competences to be digital technology designers and creators of technological solutions. The company organises out-of-school educational activities in Barcelona area for children, starting from ages as early as 5 years old. The activities are focusing on programming, educational robotics, creation of digital games and mobile applications. A variety of visual programming languages is used to overcome the steep learning curve of the “syntax” and stimulate problem solving, logical thinking, and the design of creative solutions. To reach its goal, currently CreaTIC collaborates with 15 public and private schools, several civic and cultural centres in Barcelona, non-profit institutions (e.g. Casal dels Infants de Barcelona, the Art Museum Caixa Forum Barcelona (Fundación LaCaixa) and private companies (e.g Grupo Planeta).