The first output of the project is the Framework of Digital Creative Teaching Competences. The material aims to define the key-components of competences needed by teacher educators for effectively integrating digital creativity in teaching contexts. Furthermore, it provides and validates a EU reference framework for developing and evaluating digital creative teaching competences. The Framework is primarily devoted to teacher educators, but can also be used by pre-service / in-service teachers. Within the first output, a research report is made in order to discover the existing national and international Certification Programmes in the field of digital creativity, as well as to explore new possibilities of formal, non-formal and informal certification. 

The output four envisages the development of Policy Recommendations addressed to educational practitioners (teacher educators, as well as pre-service and in-service teachers) that are aiming to integrate digital creativity in their daily teaching practices. The set of guidelines is summing up the key findings from the implementation phase of DoCENT project, where teacher educators designed teaching scenarios, following the Framework and used them in authentic teacher training situations. The aim of this short document is to be graspable to the reader, figurative, comprehensible and informative, in order to be used by education practitioners, on the spot, to design and carry out their teaching interventions.

The publications of these three documents and tools for self-evaluation and expert evaluation of scenarios can be visited below.