Practical tools

Given the progress of the Framework of Digital Creative Teaching Competences, the next steps in the process of creating a project MOOC and a Serious Game have been taking place. The national team are cooperating and adjusting the work done for the national contexts.

A MOOC platform

Available in all partners’ languages, the DoCENT MOOC will consist of a learning space which will host learning activities, a serious game and a series of OERs (as described below). Furthermore, it will include a collaboration space offering social networking tools to facilitate communication (either synchronous or asynchronous) and collaboration, e.g. forum, wiki, blog, chat, online videoconferencing. These functionalities will facilitate the development of partnerships among teacher educators and EdTech stakeholders, as well as the creation of a sustainable CoP. Furthermore, users will be able to upload their own resources (user generated content).


MOOC platform

The present MOOC will cover the main issue of the DoCENT project, Digital Creativity ENhanced in Teacher education, funded under ERASMUS + framework. An abstract of the open course and a link to access it can be found below. 

A set of Open Eductional Resources (OERs)

We will carefully and coherently organize a set of OERs:

    Lessons related to the main pedagogical concepts around digital creativity and the model of competences (slides, filmed lectures, articles of interest);
    Tutorials for learning how to use the digital technologies (videos and manuals);
    Good practices (articles, videos of interviews with EdTech companies and research stakeholders and classroom videos);
    Lessons / “how-to” related to the design and application of learning scenarios based on digital creativity (slides, filmed lectures, learning scenario templates);
    A set of selected learning scenarios: at the end of the implementation phase, the learning scenarios designed and applied by teacher educators will be evaluated. The ones that are validated will be made available as OERs;
    Evaluation materials allowing for assessing participants’ knowledge and competences.

This learning kit will be composed of some already existing OERs, and some other specifically created by the project team.

A serious game

DoCENT will have a game platform which allows for developing skills through a role-play simulation using autonomous agents as virtual interlocutors (3D bots). The game will be organised into different scenarios, each one independent from the others, in which users will play a teacher interacting with various students (virtual agents). The interaction aims to provide a realistic experience of the organisation and management of a real classroom related to digital creative competences. Teacher educators will learn how to manage the classroom and interact with students following creative pedagogies.