DoCENT project presentation at the Sektor 3.0 Festival in Warsaw

On 22nd of May 2019 the project DoCENT was presented at the largest event in the Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to the new technologies helping people to live better lives. Within two days more than 980 visitors from 13 countries came at the event. The sessions were broadcasted online and reached over 82 000 people and the total social media coverage reached about 2 380 000 users. DoCENT model was presented by the Italian partner, Raffaele Di Fucio from Smarted s.r.l. at a team building session on the "First steps towards creativity". This session was shared with guests from University of Southern California, US; SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland; German Aerospace Center, Germany; National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan.  Raffaele also gave hints to the interested visitors on creativity in education and how to use DoCENT game prototype and tangible user interfaces (TUIs).