DoCENT co-design workshop Italy

The Italian DoCENT co-design workshop (E4) took place on 19th and 25th of February at the University Federico II in Naples. The first training day focused on the introduction to the DoCENT project, the concept of digital creativity in education and the competence framework (O1) created by DoCENT partners. The second day continued with the implementation of the theory and practice on the creation of digital creative scenarios with the supportive DoCENT tools MOOC (O2) and Serious Game (O3). Overall 35 participants attended the workshop, facilitated by the DoCENT team from Italy – Luigia Simona, Project Coordinator, Michela Ponticorvo and Raffaele Di Fuccion, and supported by the stakeholders Giacomo Zambella, psychologist-national manager of AIMC training and Giuseppe Desideri, Professor of the Pontifical Urban University (CdV) - national president of AIMC.