The DoCENT Final Conference will take place in the beautiful city of Naples. The conference will be hosted by the University of Naples Federico II, on 25th of September at the Church of Saints Marcellino and Festo Complex, Largo S. Marcellino 10, 80138 Naples NA, Italy and on 26th, at Aula Magni Piovani, Via Porta di Massa, 1, 80133 NaplesAula Magna Piovani is in the loggia of the building, on the 3rd floor (the elevator on staircase C).

The construction of the Church of the Monastery of Saints Marcellino and Festo began in 1567, when the monasteries of Santi Marcellino e Pietro and Santi Festo e Desiderio (both dating back to the VIII century) were unified, and ended up in 1772. It has a rectangular courtyard surrounded by a portico (three-pillared arches) with decorations in piperno; an eight-twentieth-century garden decorated with various fountains in piperno and marble stands in the centre. On the south side, there is access to the splendid church of San Marcellino e Festo, now crown jewel of the University Congress Center.

The Church is assigned in 1907 to the University of Naples and today completely restored. The recovery of the structures, heavily damaged by the 1941 air raid and by the 1980 earthquake, affected the entire conventual insula derived from the annexation of the Benedictine monastery of the SS. Festus and Desiderius at the Basilian convent of the Saints Marcellinus and Peter. Today the structure consists of a room with 156 seats, a large cloister and a porch available for organising the buffet.

Information about Naples

Naples historic centre is a Unesco World Heritage Site with many archaeological treasures, palaces, castles and churches to discover. Close to Naples, you may also find stunning natural sights, including Mount Vesuvius, Capri island and the Amalfi coast. More information here.