The first output of the project will be the Framework of Digital Creative Teaching Competences. The material aims to define the key-components of competences needed by teacher educators for effectively integrating digital creativity in teaching contexts, as well as to provide and validate a EU reference framework for developing and evaluating digital creative teaching competences. The framework of competences targets teacher educators, educational policy makers, as well as EdTech research centres and companies, and indirectly pre-service / in-service teachers. It provides a foundation to develop the DoCENT MOOC and Serious Game in the later tages of the project. 


The first section of the research presents the main concepts around digital creativity as applied to education. Section 2 reviews European policies in relation to the integration of digital technologies and creativity in ITE systems. The third section draws up DoCENT pedagogical framework, i.e. it defines the project training approach, and the conceptual dimensions addressed. Section 4 defines the methodology employed to design the DoCENT competence framework. Section 5 reports a desktop study on ITE systems in Greece, Italy and Spain. Finally, Section 6 presents the prototype model of the competence framework.

Phase 1: Design of the Prototype Framework

We developed a first proposal for the framework of digital creative teaching competences for teacher education. We identified the current status of digital creativity in EU teacher education contexts. We merged, structured and elaborated those results into a conceptual mapping. Furthermore, we analyzed and compared the most relevant competence frameworks currently available (e.g. the European framework of key competences and the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers of Unesco).

As a result, we defined a set of competence-areas, composed by a number of competences—each of them associated to different proficiency levels and descriptors. Following an iterative process, the model was analysed and refined by the members of the consortium.

Phase 2: Consultation

We reviewed, refined and validated the prototype framework through a consultation process, i.e. we presented the competence framework to a panel of experts and practitioners (key-stakeholders from the educational sector including innovation teachers, managers of educational institutions, and educational decision makers). We collected their feedback in order to refine and validate results in terms of key competences for digital creative teaching. The consultation process was conducted in each participating country through face-to-face focus groups. 

This second version serves as a basis for developing the DoCENT MOOC and the Serious Game.

Phase 3: Definition of an International Professional Certification Programme 

We will concretise the criteria and procedures to evaluate the acquisition of the competences by teachers and educational managers, in compliance with the norms of CPD programs and certification systems at stake in each country. 

Phase 4: Validation of the Framework

During the pilot implementation, partners will use the evaluation tools and strategie to test the prototype with teacher educators. On this basis, we will refine descriptors and elaborate on a subsequent final proposal of the model.

The validated framework will be documented in a professionally designed handbook available in four languages, i.e., English, Greek, Italian and Spanish. Furthermore, we will present the model in a scientific publication. 


DoCENT intends to develop innovative tools for integrating digital creativity into EU Teacher Education. The project will focus on developing, implementing, validating and disseminating an innovative model to guide teacher educators in applying digital creative teaching practices.