DoCENT Digital Creative Teaching Introductory Workshops



DoCENT Digital Creative Teaching Introductory Workshops

The DoCENT project foresees national workshops that will gather the different actors of the project community, i.e. educational policy makers and researchers, as well as EdTech stakeholders. The events will bring together teacher educators recruited by partners that will participate in a direct face to face workshop with the staff of DoCENT project for 1 day. Teachers educators, and educational stakeholders will be involved in the co-creation of educational resources.

In this events, teacher educators will be introduced to the concept of digital creativity and to the competence framework (O1). Through hands on sessions, they will try out digital applications (e.g. GBL, robotics, manipulative technologies) and analyze their educational affordances. Furthermore, we will provide them with the necessary information to understand the nature of their future task, i.e. to design and apply learning scenarios to enhance digital creativity in their educational contexts.

These events will take place in Naples, Barcelona and Athens.